Sweet Farm

Sweet Farm formally known as Four Chimneys Organic Winery

This was the first organic winery in North America and will now be the first non-profit climate sanctuary in the world!  The GLA team has worked closely with our clients to create a design that respected the existing timber structure and aimed to remodel the interior using locally sourced materials. New energy isn’t needed for the production and transport of new materials. Using a metal roof instead of asphalt shingles will reduce the amount of chemicals leached into the water runoff, which is even more important in this case since it is a lakefront property. Energy efficient windows and ample insulation will help with reducing the energy needed for heating and cooling the inside of the building. Some passive techniques have also been implemented, such as strategic placement of window openings to take advantage of cross ventilation, sunlight, and gorgeous views of the lake. According to the owners some of their farm practices will include veganic agriculture, farm-animal rescue, education, and the technology that is revolutionizing food and agriculture production — Sweet Farm is redefining what it means to be a climate sanctuary. This will be a multi-phase and structure project. The Animal Rescue Barn is open and home to 150 rescued farm animals.

Sketch & Rendering by Lori