House Plan Modifications

We hear this question often from our clients – Can a house plan be modified?

The answer is YES! Once you are set on a plan any details or requested changes can be discussed during a consultation with a Senior Designer.

Depending on the complexity of the changes and our schedule an average time up to 3 weeks for most common revisions.

Once you have selected a house plan you will begin working with a Senior Designer. After a consultation you receive a written quote from Greater Living Architecture, P.C. for the house plan modifications you have requested in writing. The quote is valid for 30 days. To begin the project we require payment for the house plan as well as 50% of the modification fee, which will be provided in advance. The remaining balance is due before project is released to customer. The designer assigned to your project will contact you when the project begins. Floor plan and elevation layouts will be reviewed and approved before final drafting stage. Any additional changes not included within the original quote may result in additional fees.

Some of the most common requested modifications to a house plan include: