Century Mold

Manufacturing Facility Upgrade

The GLA Team has developed a solution to provide Century Mold with a facilities upgrade that will repurpose underutilized space and maximize efficiency! A modernization project to increase the image of the company to perspective engineers, programmers, new and existing clients. A new lobby and reception area, reconfiguration of existing space to accommodate more employees and provide existing and new employees with new offices with state-of-the-art furniture, high tech conference and training rooms, as well as a state-of-the-art engineering department. This project also included a new training room for the production workers as well as quality control managers and line managers. Finally the project also included upgrades to the employee break room to create a “market type space” offering a wider and healthier choice of food and beverages.

This $1.5 million upgrade started March of 2022 and is complete!

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