AQ Infinity Lab

GLA has been commissioned to design a high tech state of the art virtual reality lab at The Aquinas Institute in Rochester. This challenging project requires the design to bridge tradition with the future of learning. The existing school building at 1127 Dewey Avenue was built in 1925 as an all-male catholic high school. Today the demands of staying competitive in the private education arena require a school to offer high tech learning capabilities to all students. The administration charged GLA with creating a high tech structure that grabs the attention of new recruits while respecting the traditional values that the school instills into each and every student. This Infinity Lab will provide students with a high tech virtual learning center not seen in many educational institutions. The proposed design includes an entirely new entrance to the lab enclosed in a glass and steel structure that invokes progressive thinking in the world of virtual reality.  The lab itself will house virtual reality stations where students can learn to design virtual software systems as well as experience those available today. The project is scheduled to begin in 2022.

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