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With Greater Living Architecture, your project success is guaranteed from idea inception through ribbon cutting. Our team provides assistance and consulting with projects beyond the design. The outline of our services below provides a glimpse into the value of working with us. We look forward to expanding further with a free consultation.


Greater Living Architecture's passion for function and aesthetics is one of the reasons our customers prefer our architectural services. Good design is the art of balancing function with relationship, composition, edges, and space and light. All these items are critically important as well as being responsive to your clients’ needs. Our Registered Architects Joseph P. O’Donnell and Roger B. Langer Jr. provide their expertise to make projects of any scope a successful conformation of good design and satisfied client.

Many establishments in our community and throughout western New York are the result of Joe and Roger’s vision and practical expertise.


Architectural designs that account for interior and exterior planning of spaces not only serve those who interact with the structures, but also the environment in which the structure is integrated. Helping our clients prepare an accurate program of the spacial and adjacency requirements of their building is a key component to our success. Our architectural team are experts at space planning to help ensure the optimal result.


Construction is a multi-faceted mission. Understanding its intricacies and their effect on bringing architectural concepts to fruition is imperative. With over 60 years combined experience in assisting with construction administration, real value engineering, and a keen eye for evaluating construction techniques our team can help ensure that the vision becomes reality with minimal rework, time and costs.


Greater Living Architecture's expertise extends well beyond the design and implementation of complex structures. Our team can provide the consulting services at any point in the life of a project, from concept to post-occupancy analysis. We specialize in evaluating properties with the keen vision required to bring large scale development projects to life in a practical and cost-effective manner. Based on information gathered from the local municipalities, and the ability to navigate their regulatory requirements, we can provide clients with preliminary site layouts to maximize the development and to help determine a project’s viability.


The review of a property to determine its short and long-term physical needs is an extremely valuable tool for a building owner or management team and for a potential buyer. Greater Living Architecture’s ability to evaluate your project can provide you with a greater understanding of some of the items listed below:
  • Better assess the capital needs of your portfolios, facilitate capital planning and allow you to take advantage of capital improvement opportunities
  • Evolve the management practices toward development-based capital planning
  • Produce data on green opportunities to improve energy efficiency
  • Measure the impact of annual appropriations on the physical needs of the property



By using advanced 3D applications, we can provide our customers with photorealistic imagery of ideas and designs. Whether it be exterior perspectives that give the ability to better visualize designs or interior perspectives for any space such as entry lobbies/features, conference rooms, apartment buildings/units, guest suites, bars, restaurants, etc., our architectural renderings bring projects to life for our customers.
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